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Choose Top Life Insurance companies in the Philippines

There are many companies now that are providing Life Insurance. That is why choosing from them can be a daunting task. Choosing the right company will not just ensure your future but also the future of your family. And here are my criteria that you can look into to help you decide.

Stability of the Company

In choosing your right insurance company, choose those with above 50 years of history. Why, because these companies have already experienced a lot in the business. Most likely they have survived the ups and downs of our economy and have established their name in this industry.

Performance and Metrics

Choose the company that performs best. Look for growth on their funds, growth in their Assets and growth in their Premium Income. You can research how their funds have performed in the past 3yrs, 5yrs, and 10yrs. For their assets and premium incomes, they are usually published Insurance commission.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Choose the company that resonates with you. Does their company align with your values? Do you like what they are doing outside their industry? Or Do like what they are promoting other than their products? These are not directly related but supporting a company that you like is rather better if you want a long term relationship with that company.


The most important after choosing the company is to take action. Know why you are getting and plan your finances ahead. This might save you and your family a lot of trouble in the future.

What are your strategies in getting a Life Insurance? Share them by commenting below.

Let's share the love

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