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Pay Your SunLife Insurance Plan online with GCASH App

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If you still don’t know, I am a Financial Advisor of Sun Life Financial. My clients frequently ask me how can they pay their SunLife Premiums. Now, there are a lot of ways you can do it especially online because it is very convenient. Paying online saves you time and effort going to the Bayad Centers or actual business office of the merchant you will pay your bills with.

My favorite to use in paying my bills online is the GCASH app. Not just my SunLife premiums (yes, I’m a proud policyholder also) and also other utility bills is the GCASH app. Why do I love using GCASH? It’s because of the convenience, it’s free and very easy to use.

Let me show to you how you can also make use of GCASH to pay your bills in just in the comfort of your own home.

5 Steps in Paying Your Bills with GCASH

  1. Register, download and launch the GCASH mobile app.
gcash online bills payment
  1. Verify your account (if you want to use other features of GCASH). But for paying bills, it is not required. See the other features below if you opt to verify your account.
gcash online bills payment
Verification Level
  1. Cash-in on to your GCASH account. This means you will deposit funds into your GCASH account to be used for your desired transaction.
gcash online bills payment
Choose Cash In
gcash online bills payment
Cash In for Online Banking
  1. Pay your bills. You can pay any bills that are listed in the partner merchants. As for this tutorial, I will be paying my SunLife Insurance plan.
gcash online bills payment
Choose Pay Bills
gcash online bills payment
Choose the Merchant for your bill.
gcash online bills payment
Amount and Account Details
  1. Your online bills payment is done. You will receive a confirmation on your payment on SMS and also on your email with a reference number for tracking your transaction.
gcash online bills payment
Payment is done!

Simple right?!

You can pay almost any bills from the GCASH app. I’ll let you explore on yourself what else you can do with GCASH. Enjoy!

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Let's share the love

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