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Why You Need To Get Health Insurance While You’re Younger

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3 Reason Why Get Health Insurance Early

“Why do I even need to get health insurance if I already have a FREE HMO coverage from my company?”
This is probably your question. Sounds familiar right?!

But the thing is getting your health insurance early will save a ton of money in the future. As we old, we tend to get easily get sick or we will surely get sick at some point in our life. Either way, when this happens in later years, it can be costly.

Here is the reason you should be getting health insurance early.

#1: No FREE HMO when you’re Retired

“But what if this happened when you’re retired?”

If you’re still employed and have HMO from the company, that’s good. But if you’re retired you only PhilHealth (by the way is free to have if you’re a Senior Citizen). Likely than not, Philhealth is not enough if you prefer private hospitals aside from the government hospitals.

#2: HMO are costly at Old Age

“Hey, I can get my own HMO when I retire!”

Yes, of course, you can get it. The issue is that getting HMO at retirement age can be very costly. Let me show a sample computation from Maxicare to compare HMO costs at 30 and 60 years old.

hmo sample computation
Sample quote at Age 60
hmo sample computation
Sample quote at Age 30

#3: HMO have NO Cash Value if not used

“If you did not use it, there is no money returned.”

HMOs are great if you used it because you just need to show you’re card to the hospital and all is paid, of course until the coverage only. But the irony if no one wants to get sick and use it. Let’s have a rough estimate of your HMO payment from the sample figures above. By averaging the premium of age 30 and age 60. The premium is equivalent to Php75,897 pesos every year. Let’s multiply this by 30, and that equals to Php2,276,910 pesos! That’s not cheap if you’re paying for your self.


In this article, we covered the reason why getting health insurance at an early age is an option you can look into. We all know that getting insured earlier is better because of the cost. It is similar in life insurance, health insurance, and HMOs.

My goal here is not to dissuade you from getting HMOs. It’s great having it in the early years of life. Most companies here in the Philippines also have it for their employees, which is generous.

I believe that HMOs and Health Insurance are both essential in our Health Protection and having them early is the best option I can recommend. You just need to find the balance from your finances.

What’s your thought on this? Share it on the comment below.

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