Start Investing with these Easy-to-Access Financial Assets in the Philippines

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Top 3 Easy-to-Access Investments in the Philippines

Mutual Fund

Minimum Investment: Php1,000-10,000

Mutual Funds are pooled funds from many investors to invest and managed by a portfolio manager. It is the fund invested in different categories like Equity or in the Stock market, Bond Market of a mixture of both. Mutual Funds are offered by private companies that manage the fund. It is up to the investor to choose what kind of mutual fund you are going to invest in.

Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF)

Minimum Investment: Php1,000-10,000

UITFs are similar to Mutual funds except that they are offered by banks. It is of the same concept where a portfolio manager manages the fund. Just with different regulating bodies. For Mutual Fund is regulated by SEC whileUITF is regulated by BSP. The categories of funds they are invested in are also the same with Mutual Funds.

Modified Pag-IBIG 2 (MP2) Savings

Minimum Investment: Php500

This is a special savings facility from Pag-IBIG where the existing members can avail. The maturity of this savings is 5 years while getting dividends from your savings. For the past three years, the dividends are quite high in comparison to regular savings accounts from banks. The range of the dividend is from 7.41-8.11% yield per year.


These investments are not the get-rich-quick schemes which commonly found on social media but rather an alternative. If you lack time to monitor your investments on your own, these are good options.

Do you have an idea about other investments? Share them in the comment section below. I would love to know more.

Let's share the love

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